Save trees, save money, save your back and save on file cabinet space...

Whether you consider yourself an environmentalist saving a tree, a capitalist trying to save your investments the cost of mailing you a reem of paper each month, you’re tired of lugging ten pounds of paper to the recycling bin or you just want to save on filing cabinet space, we want to help you to minimize your paper blizzard.

Below are helpful links and instructions on where to go to stop the paper.



Turn off your paper LPL statements and quarterly reports. By going to your LPL Account View you may direct LPL to send your statements and future reporting to you via the web and get an e-mail notice when they are available.

Click here to login to your Accounts

(If you do not have a password, just contact our office and we will be happy to set up your Account View)


Prospectuses and Proxies

Turn off your paper prospectuses and proxies and receive them via the internet
Below is a link that will allow you change your delivery options based on each LPL account you hold.

Click here to turn off Prospectuses and Proxies.



Will I be able to get copies of LPL statements if I need them in the future?
Your statements will be archived for future retrieval on LPL’s system.

Why do they call me to get my proxy vote?
In order for the fund companies and money managers to complete changes to their firm’s objectives, elect new officers or make adjustments to procedures, they often request shareholders to vote via proxy. If they do not receive enough participation from shareholders on the initial round of proxy solicitations they are forced to send out a new set of communications to complete the process.

Investment firms working to save the cost associated with additional solicitations are now electing to use the phone to “get the vote” and in turn pass the savings on to you their clients/shareholders.